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Competitive Gymnastics

East Bay Gymnastics is proud to be the home to the East Bay Gymnastics Team!
Our competitive gymnastics program consists of our Pre-Team Program, USA Gymnastics Women's National Development Program & USA Gymnastics Xcel Program. 
The goal of the EBG Team is to provide an environment where all gymnasts can  have a fun & rewarding gymnastics experience, reach their fullest potential & learn life lessons that will help them achieve their goals in gymnastics & beyond.
Enrollment in the competitive team is year-round & by coach invitation.

Pre-Team Gymnastics

This program is designed for gymnasts ages 5 to 7 who show an outstanding aptitude for gymnastics. The goal is to nurture each gymnasts growth & development to prepare them for the rigors of competitive gymnastics.
Competitive Team Coach recommendation required to enroll.

Development Program Team

Our Development Program Competitive Team is for USA Gymnastics Level 3 through Hopes/Elite Athletes & TOPs. Our successful team athletes train from 9 to 25 hours per week in preparation of representing East Bay at competitions throughout the whole United States! Many of our athletes throughout the years have achieved State & National Titles, as well as receiving academic & athletic college scholarships.

Xcel Team

Our Xcel Competitive Program through USA Gymnastics provides our gymnasts an additional avenue to experience competitive gymnastics. The Xcel program gives kids the chance to compete while having the flexibility to pursue other interests. Xcel athletes train 6 to 9 hours per week & compete each Spring in local competitions.
For more information on eligibility for our Xcel Team contact Customer Service.

Acrobatic Gymnastics

Acrobatic Gymnastics, or Acro, is a discipline of gymnastics that combines gymnastics tumbling & Cirque du Soleil style acrobatics & choreography into routines. It is a partner sport where pairs or groups of 3 or 4 perform acrobatic skills, balance holds, hand balancing, pyramids & toss & catch skills. For more information contact Customer Service.

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