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Lisa Terry

Introducing our extraordinary gymnastics coach, Lisa Terry, whose dedication to the sport and remarkable achievements make her a true standout in the world of gymnastics. With a solid foundation as a gymnast herself, including an impressive 4-year collegiate career at UCLA, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her role as a coach, accumulating over 20 years of coaching experience

Lisa has consistently demonstrated her coaching prowess by guiding gymnasts to the highest levels of competition. Her track record speaks volumes as she has mentored athletes to the prestigious National Hopes team and nurtured talent to excel on the TOPS A&B teams. Under her expert guidance, numerous gymnasts have claimed the title of State and Regional Champions, showcasing her ability to cultivate champions from the grassroots level.

The pinnacle of Lisa’s coaching career is her role in shaping Level 10 National Champions, a testament to her ability to refine and elevate the skills of gymnasts to a national standard. Her success extends beyond the gym, as she has played a pivotal role in securing full-ride scholarships for multiple gymnasts, ensuring that their dreams of pursuing higher education are supported.

With her wealth of experience, commitment to excellence, and an undeniable passion for gymnastics, Lisa Terry stands as a shining example of what it means to be an exceptional gymnastics coach. Her legacy in the world of gymnastics is an inspiration to all, and we are proud to have her as the guiding force behind our gymnastics program.

Jovanah Maruri

Jovanah Maruri, a gymnastics coach and former gymnast with a decade of experience in the sport. Jovanah excelled in the Tops program for two years and proudly claimed the title of Level 7 All-Around Regional Champion in 2016. Transitioning seamlessly from athlete to coach, she now shares her passion for gymnastics as a Developmental Gymnastics Coach.  Jovanah is currently majoring in Early Childhood Development with a specialization in education. Join her in the pursuit of excellence, where skill meets education in the world of gymnastics.

Lindsay Faulkner

Lindsay Faulkner, a former classical ballet dancer for 14+ years starting from age 6 , discovered her passion for gymnastics during her high school years. Competing on her high school’s gymnastics team marked the beginning of her gymnastics journey. Lindsay embarked on a coaching career, starting with Kindergym and Recreational classes. With over 20 years of coaching experience, Lindsay has nurtured and trained countless gymnasts. Her dedication and expertise have led to the development of numerous Nor Cal State and Region 1 Regional Champions under her guidance.

Katie Gavin

Katie Gavin, an exceptional gymnastics coach with an extensive background in the sport. With four years of competitive gymnastics experience and three years as a coach, including two years in compulsory coaching, Katie possesses a deep knowledge of the sport. As a Level 3-6 beam and floor coach, she brings her expertise to the gym, helping gymnasts refine their skills and reach their full potential. Katie’s personal journey as a dedicated gymnast for half a decade adds a unique dimension to her coaching style, making her not only an expert but also a relatable mentor for aspiring gymnasts. Her passion and understanding of the sport shine through in every training session, making her a valuable asset to the gymnastics community.

Ann Marie Gonzalez

Anna Gonzalez, has an impressive gymnastics journey that spans multiple levels and years of dedication. Throughout her gymnastics career, she achieved numerous accomplishments, including state all-around championships, consistent top placements at various meets, and recognition at the national level.

Starting at Level 4, Anna claimed the title of Level 4 state all-around champion with a remarkable score of 38.500. She continued to shine in subsequent levels, consistently placing in the top positions in both Level 5 and Level 7. Coach Anna’s talent also earned her recognition as a Tops qualifier, and she impressed with her performances at state and regional competitions.

Despite facing setbacks due to injuries in later years, Coach Anna’s determination to overcome obstacles was evident as she trained for Level 10. In 2018, she showcased her skills at the elite qualifier, qualified for nationals, and consistently achieved top rankings at states and regionals.

At Level 8, Anna’s excellence in the sport was further evident as she earned a developmental camp invite and the title of most improved at the camp. Her consistency in placing 1st-5th all-around at various meets showcased her commitment to excellence.

In 2022, Coach Anna’s versatility in gymnastics was highlighted as she became a two-event specialist in bars and beam. Throughout her gymnastics journey, Coach Anna has demonstrated resilience, dedication, and a passion for the sport that sets her apart in the world of gymnastics. We are excited to have her wealth of experience and expertise in coaching as she joins us in nurturing the next generation of young gymnasts.

Lauren Dugas

Lauren Dugas, a dedicated acro gymnastics coach! With a gymnastics journey that began at the age of 4, she went on to become a State, Regional, and National Champion in Acrobatics. Her athletic prowess extended to a collegiate level, earning a scholarship as an NCAA Spring Board Diver at UC Davis.

A proud graduate of UC Davis, Coach Lauren holds degrees in Psychology, Human Development, Deaf Studies, and American Sign Language Interpreting. Beyond the gym, she showcased versatility as a professional Water Skier and Stunt Performer for over 5 years.

Bringing over a decade of coaching experience in both gymnastics and Acrobatics, Coach Lauren is passionate about nurturing the next generation of athletes, combining expertise with a profound understanding of human development.

Taylor Ruhe

Taylor Ruhe, a passionate professional in the world of dance and gymnastics, embarked on her journey in musical theatre at the age of 10, discovering a profound love for dance. Her ballet and jazz training commenced at the age of 10 at CTA, laying the foundation for her future accomplishments.

At 12, Taylor’s talent shined brightly during a summer program at Diablo Ballet, leading to an invitation to join the Diablo Ballet apprentice program. She diligently trained, progressing to a professional level within the company. Additionally, her dedication led her to the San Francisco Conservatory of Ballet, expanding her expertise across various dance styles.

While versed in all dance forms, Taylor thrived as a professional ballerina and modern dancer. Since 2007, she has shared her passion and knowledge, teaching ballet with various companies. Her journey into coaching began in 2008, encompassing a wide range of gymnastic disciplines, from recreational to elite levels.

Notably, Coach Taylor has taken a unique approach by creating a specialized ballet program tailored for gymnasts and acrobats. This innovative initiative not only enhances their dance and artistic abilities but also bolsters their gymnastic and acrobatic skills. Taylor Ruhe stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of dance and gymnastics, inspiring those under her guidance to reach new heights in both disciplines.